Theo Fennell Jewellers

In April 2016, I was granted the opportunity to work as an intern for a week at one of London’s most renowned jewellers. Here, I worked in the workshop, design and marketing teams to produce new designs.
In the workshop I worked under the supervision of a master jeweller to handcraft bespoke cufflinks and the pendant attached below. I was allowed to use any materials available and experienced working with gold, silver, rubies and aquamarine.
In the design room I fashioned new pieces using pens, paint and CAD to brainstorm ideas for a necklace. I then took to the marketing room to work with professional photography equipment to prepare the new album.
Aside from this internship, I have also been crafting amateur jewellery by hand at home since 2013. Some of these pieces can be found below and any custom requests can be sent via my Contact page.

A sterling silver pendant with aquamarine gem.
Titanium tension set ring with moissanite. Titanium tension set ring with ruby. Titanium tension set ring with sapphire.
Complex tension set SolidWorks ring model. SolidWorks ring model for gold screw princess setting. Simple tension set SolidWorks ring model.