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Last Modified: July 11, 2023 ("Effective Date")

Cookies are small pieces of data which are placed onto your computer by websites that you visit. These are widely used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well as provide marketing information to site owners.

There are some cookies that are essential in order to ensure that this website works. These are classed as ‘strictly necessary’ cookies.

If you’ve already chosen to block third party cookies via the settings in your browser, please be aware that your cookie preferences will not carry over if you change sites, and you will need to ensure that you set your preferences on every site you visit.

How I use Cookies

Cookies Used on this Website

Consent Cookie

Consent Cookie – A cookie I set to record that you accept that this website uses cookies.

Accessibility Cookies

Mode Preference Cookie – A set of cookies I set to record your web accessibility preferences (where applicable.)

reCAPTCHA Cookies

Google reCAPTCHA Cookie – Following GDPR guidelines, I only set the reCAPTCHA cookie on the Contact page after you accept my policy.
This cookie helps me monitor how you use my website to prevent abuse of the contact form by automated bots.

Session Cookies

Encrypted Session Cookie - An encrypted cookie I use to prevent abuse of my Contact form and to ensure you are safe from adversarial entities trying to inject malicious code into your browser.

Updates and Changes to the Cookie Policy

I may change this Cookie Policy, at any time, without notice, by posting such change on the Website. I may apply changes to information previously collected, to the extent permitted by law. If the policies described in this Cookie Policy change in any material respect, I will take reasonable steps to notify you about such changes by posting the revised policy on the Website or by other means that I may choose and as required by applicable law. You can determine when the Cookie Policy was last modified by checking the "Last Modified" legend at the top of the Cookie Policy. If you do not agree to be bound by the terms of the new or modified Cookie Policy, you should discontinue your use of this Website. Your continued use of the Website will be deemed acceptance of any changes to the Cookie Policy; therefore, you should review my Cookie Policy each time before you begin using the Website.

How to Contact Me

If you have any questions about this Cookie Policy, my cookie practices, or the Website, please contact me at

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