I am excited to start the SCM course at Brown University next August.
I have spent this year developing my technical skills and exploring the startup space.
I developed and deployed the website for Zenbu Ltd. to market their full-stack web development service.
I am currently working as a consultant for Zenbu Ltd. to grow their online presence.
I designed and deployed the website for Virality Diagnostics to market their COVID-19 antibody testing kits.
I am currently working with the Virality Diagnostics team on mass email marketing, SEO and growing their online presence.
I setup and now manage the analytics and SEO for impactful, a Yale non-profit startup facilitating the recruitment process for socially-impactful opportunities.
I designed, developed and deployed tennis and squash ladders for Philip Sikman, internationally ranked tennis player and coach at Finchley Manor Tennis Club.
The system allows players to challenge one another based on their relative rankings on the ladder and leverages game statistics to improve suggested challenges.
I am currently working with the club's administration to scale the ladder system for a wider audience.
I designed and deployed a multilingual website (English and Japanese) for CDP Tutoring, a company that specialises in tutoring Japanese students in English.
I established the client's online presence by working with them on content creation, SEO and a Google advertisement campaign.
I attended Yale University for four years and graduated with a first in Computer Science.
I am now actively involved with three Yale startups, and look forward to being an active member of the Yale Alumni network in the years to come.
I attended St. Paul's School in London for five years, spending most of my time in the Engineering Workshop building everything from puzzle boxes to satellites.
I am now working with a team of Old Paulines to improve the data analytics of the UK NHS Track-and-Trace App.
I attended Colet Court for six years prior to St. Paul's.
It was at Colet Court that I discovered my love for all things tech, and I have been on that path since.